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Our African Representations: that's where the strengths of our network lie and though which our overall know-how can reach you. The local professional skills are organized to best meet the needs of our customers through the different operational departments.


Operations Director

This person defines the strategy and is reponsible for the company management, and human resources, business development (equipment and spare parts sales and related services), growth improvement and customer satisfaction.


Testimonial: Diane INNE
Manutention Africaine Niger Operations Director

« I was recruited in 1998 as a Sales Assistant, then P.A. to the General Management until 2007. I then was Sales Representative at Manutention Africaine Niger until 2015, where I’ve acquired a strong knowledge in mining, construction and Industrial equipment.

Following 7 months as Head of MA Niger on an interim basis, I was recently appointed Operations Director.

I am proud of my career path in the JA Delmas network. It is a big family within which I felt good right away: men and women working together to meet demanding Customers’ requirements.

Today, as every day for the last 15 years in the company, I feel like being part of this adventure! »

Testimonial: Emmanuel CASTELLS
Manutention Africaine Côte d’Ivoire Operations Director

« During my studies, I joined an NGO that led me as a volunteer in several villages from South-Benin. I then wanted to go back to Africa for my Civil Service. And what initially brought me to JA Delmas in 2000 was Africa. I have spent half of my career on this continent: sales representative in Burkina, deputy director of Togo Equipements and then director of Bénin Equipements. I then spent a few years in Bordeaux as Marketing Director. Finally I was appointed Operations Director at MACI in Côte d’Ivoire, a fast-growing country.

All these experiences have given me a good knowledge of the products, the markets and the way our company operates: it's so open to the world, with many different nationalities and ways of working.

The values of JA Delmas network allow me to combine the world of business and a real social responsibility in Africa. It gives sense to my business. »

Emmanuel Castells


Parts & Service Sales Representative (PSSR)

This is the main contact for our mining clients, particularly with regard to after-sales issues. The PSSR coordinates technical support, promotes the products and services and draws up the associated business proposals.

Testimonial: Benjamin SAMAKE
Junior PSSR (Parts & Service Sales Representative) MA Mali

« My experience within the team dedicated to Moolmans contractor from 2006 to 2010 gave me the Mining culture and enabled me to apprehend each site in its reality, its project in its whole and develop great proximity with my customers. I like claiming we are their “Ambassadors”! Then after a stint as coordinator within the Mining Business Unit, I was promoted to Junior PSSR in 2012 and PSSR this year.

This evolution helps me move forward. I feel dynamic in an environment where diversity is a source of richness. Making my career path an example for others, creating dynamics within the teams is a great motivation for me. Comforted by the Group's trust, I feel I have a great responsibility towards the JA Delmas network and Caterpillar. » 




The mechanic is responsible for repairing and reconditioning the components, while reporting to the team supervisor.


Testimonial: Moussa DAO
Manager of the CRC (Component Rebuild Center) in Burkina Equipements

« I started in Burkina Equipements in 2001 as a trainee electrician. To acquire new skills, I moved on towards mechanics (transmissions and then engines). Training sessions plus the support of my managers and senior mechanics were of great help.

From being a mechanic, I was promoted team leader and then supervisor, up to my today's current position: manager of the CRC in Ouagadougou. From my electronics technician background, through to my current position: I am proud of the career path I achieved!

My goal is to in turn help my team grow and learn new skills, supporting them and passing on to them my experience and know-how. »


Chief Accountant

Testimonial: Baba SAMBA NIANE
Chief Accountant Saudequip

« I joined Saudequip in 2002 as Chief Accountant. My experience made me discover and better understand what International Trade is all about, what “representing a Brand” stands for. Multiple cultures, diversity of all staff within the network makes it an enriching environment to work for and brings a lot on a human level too!»